7/14 Discussion infrastructure / terminal of new generation power technology

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Original:7/14 Discussion infrastructure / terminal of new generation power technology – DIGITIMES

After the wireless charging technology combines the concepts of things and cloud services architecture, upcoming new industry growth opportunities. HTC focuses thereto, they have been actively involved in research and application of wireless charging technology, in addition, they also cooperate with the Ministry of Economic Development “Wireless charging network plan .” They hope that through industry-government cooperation , Taiwan construct the wireless charging industry ecosystem.

Power Technology Forum, the theme of the afternoon , which focuses on the field of wireless charging , invited Dr. Feng-Seng Chu (HTC) , as well as SmartPowerTec and Inforcharge Tec , to explore future opportunities for wireless charging. Agenda are as follows.
.Wireless charging industry ecosystem and trends(HTC)
.Wireless charging technology brings power applications(SmartPowerTec)
.Wireless charging innovative service combines Internet of Things(Inforcharge Tec)

Live Daily Online registration is available: https://www.digitimes.com.tw/seminar/DTF_20160714/


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