IoT applications driven by the power of emerging new generation of energy technologies flourishing

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In this regard, DIGITIMES yesterday (14) grand organized “2016 Power Technology Forum”, invited several well-known Power / Power equipment maker gathered keynote from enterprise power management, power technology CNC equipment, wireless charging trend, once again demonstrated the most comprehensive and forward-looking technology feast.

Build wireless charging ecosystem short distances charging parallel development

On the other hand with the smartphone, the popularity of mobile devices, combined with wireless charging technology will be a major force behind things. HTC HTC senior assistant manager Feng-Seng Chu with “wireless charging industry ecosystem and trends” in the title, description of the evolution of the current and future development trend of wireless charging two technical standards and AFA WPC market.

Smart Power Technology further information on “Wireless charging technology brings power applications”, not only do the 15-watt wireless charging plus QC Module, even in the future networked wearable device, optimistic about demand-driven waterproof wireless charging applications. In addition to short-range wireless charging, long-distance wireless charging technology is to study the positive terminal cut direction, Department of Electrical Engineering at National Taiwan University Professor Mao Shaogang live showcase the latest perception of things with the wireless charging technology. DIGITIMES “2016 Power Technology Forum” attracted more than 200 participants to attend, at the industry’s latest power packed presentation successful technology and application trends.


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