Water Proof + Wireless Charge + Quick Charge

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Original:Last Mile Drive commercialization of wireless charging Key trends emerging power applications

Wireless Charge + Quick Charge = Future wireless charging flashpoint

Tank Huang said, After years of research, currently at WPC wireless charging standard architecture, in fact, wireless fast charging can be done with “wired” the same charging efficiency. Smart Power Technology research found that if the power transmitter (Transmitter) transfer 7.5 watts, the receiver (Receiver) actually received 5 watts, so the transmitter side should send 19 watts to let the receiver obtain a full 15 watts of power.

Tank Huang said, it is nothing more than the future of the ecosystem around the “Wireless charging, IoT and big data”, when each charging device environment began to spread, the next step is to abandon wires, plugs, and even no voltage 110V, 220V adapter problems.

IoT products are electricity Waterproof is the key point

With the future of IoT continues to expand, electronic products, a variety of places in addition to networking, but also hope to get uninterrupted power supply. The mobile phone, for example, only the most current jack for charging, but the future of mobile phone equipped with a built-in wireless charging receiver waterproof function will be necessary future electronic devices. Currently wireless charging technology, used in 120W or less, mainly used in wearable devices, smart phones, laptops flat, machine tools and so on.

Tank Huang final exhibition also added that all the technology to do product development and mass production is considered successful, and SmartPower has the power to solve the wireless charging of EMI, the heat temperature problems while performing the back-end product reliability verification, test fixture, the module correction process, and even test their own software development are expected in September 2016 there will be actual product launch.(More…)

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