Wireless Power to charge an iPhone 7 Plus

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Wireless Power to charge an iPhone 7 Plus

The working sample is made by one of our customers called BEARTA.
The real product is coming soon.

You may think about why we can charge the iPhone 7 plus faster than 5W adaptor.
Because we design the wireless power solution including the firmware and the hardware by ourselves.
We know how to charge the iPhone 7 plus more than 5W when we use the wireless power module.
When you want to make the real product, you don’t need to warry about that you have no experience about the wireless power.
Smartpower is the professional supplier of the wireless power module and we will help you to design your own product.

We will make sure the quality of the electrical part, and we will also send the module to pass all of certifications like CE, FCC, and Safety Test.
We also make sure the temperature is low when it is working.
So, you only need to decide the cable like Lightening cable, Type C, or Micro B with other suppliers, and design your own plastic case then it can be the real product.

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